Professional with over 22 years’ experience in CG. Has worked in both small and large companies, as well as a freelancer and 3D teacher. Has an artistic background which he has complemented with a strong technical education and working experience. Extremely hard worker, a very empathetic and positive person who naturally encourages other team members to work to the best of their abilities.


·         Python pipeline tools for Cfx.

·         Cfx Artist with experience in Maya, Marvelous Designer, Blender, nCloth, Qualoth, Carbon and Houdini Vellum

·         Speaks Spanish, English, and Italian

Sept 1st, 2022—Present

Lightbox Animation Studios

Freelance Cfx Senior Artist

Houdini Vellum, Python

Short Film:

Cfx Shot production for unpublished project

Jan 2021 – Present

Pin Attack Studio


Marvelous Designer, Blender, Python / @pinattack_studio (Instagram)

Startup specialized in virtual wardrobe, and creation of digital fabrics. Artistic, 3d, fashion and avant-garde projects.


-Pieces and posts in @pinattack_studio, web, etc.

-3D virtual Catwalk for Isabel Basaldua (Spanish Fashion Designer)

Feb 14th, 2022 – May 31st, 2022

Unannounced project for temporary Unnamed Studios

Freelance Cfx Senior Artist

Maya, Carbon


Unannounced project for temporary Unnamed Studios

Aug 15th, 2021—Dec 30th, 2021

Lightbox Animation Studios

Freelance Cfx Senior Artist

Maya, Qualoth

Feature Film:

Tadeo Jones 3

Sept 2019 – Jan 2020


Freelance Rigging Lead

Maya, Python

Feature Film:


May 2017-Aug 2017


Madrid, Spain

Freelance Programmer /CFX Consult

Hair sim pipeline consulting / CFX tool creation

Maya, nCloth, Python

Tv series:

“Cleo y Cuquín”. Season 1 and ahead

Nov 2014 – Apr 2017

Ilion Animation Studios

Madrid, Spain

CFX cloth Lead

Maya, nCloth, nHair, Python

Helped create the CFX Department and develop its pipeline

Feature film:

“Wonder Park” (Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Movies and Ilion Animation Studios)

Apr 2014 – Nov 2014

Zinkia Entertainment

Madrid, Spain

Technical supervisor + Project Manager

Duties: Facility and internal tools

Software: XSI, Arnold

Tools: Python

Project Manager: Grid computing software for render farm

Worked in several projects for the brand including apps, promos… giving tech / pipeline support.

Apr 2011 – Apr 2014 Zinkia Entertainment

Madrid, Spain

Head of CG


Manages technical facility of all CG teams involved in the productions of the company.

Detects gaps, organizes, and improves the pipeline process; implements solutions that anticipates further problems.